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How many times in your life have you been wrong about something?  And did you like it?  I mean did you like it when you found out you were wrong?

If you did like it, congratulations on being first.  Because here’s the thing – we all have a point of view, and we think we are right, and we can defend our point of view until there are no words left – and it won’t matter to whoever we are arguing with if their views are different because they also can defend their veiws until they are blue in the face.

But what if you are wrong?  Who do you learn you are wrong from?  Not the person or group with an opposing viewpoint - you would never listen to them.  Where do we get understanding and knowledge from, and how do we trust that it is true?

Well, here’s my story – I’ve been wrong.  I’ve been told I was wrong and I didn’t believe it.  I had my arguments in place, I defended my little tower, I threw stones and took a few hits and my mind still was not changed.  I’m not talking about anything in particular here, even if you think I am – just in general.  My mind is made up, I’m right, you’re wrong.

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