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(This is part 2 – you can read part 1 here)

Last time I was talking about how Jesus used the sermon on the mount to give the people an image in their minds of how things were during the Exodus, so let’s go back too – to the beginning of the nation of Israel.

By the time of Moses, Egypt was the superpower – everything great came from there – architecture, scholarship, technology – Egypt was the world leader in just about everything.  There was a famine which you can read about toward the end of Genesis. During the famine, all the money, livestock and land in and around Egypt was sold to Pharoah in exchange for the grain that Joseph had stored.  The people even told him that he had saved their lives, so they were glad to serve Egypt in exchange.  These people became Israel.

The first chapter of Exodus tells us that a different king came along, a king that didn’t like all these strange non-Egyptians and he feared their numbers.  So, under the new king, they went from being servants to being slaves.  This was the world that Moses was born into.

Pharaoh had it in his mind to kill all the children in Egypt, so the mother of Moses sent her son down the river to be raised by whoever found him.   And that happened to be none other than the daughter of Pharaoh himself.  Moses grew and became a man, a son of Pharaoh. Then one day, his heritage, which I’m sure was no secret anyway, came to the forefront.

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How Many Baptisms?

April 9, 2012 — Leave a comment

Is there more than one type of baptism?  If you’d have asked me two years ago, I would have said, “What?”  I grew up thinking and believing that a person was saved, then baptized, and that was all there was.  What I am learning now is, I was wrong about that.

Personal study over the last 4-5 months has shown me that there are several different types of baptism in the bible, maybe as many as seven, and three that have to do with Christ followers.  The ones I won’t be talking about, at least not right away, are the baptism of Moses, and the baptism of John the Baptist, although I will give a brief explanation of them.

John was the forerunner, the one who prepared the way for Christ.  And how did he do that?  He preached repentance and instituted water baptism; in fact, never before had people been given the opportunity to be baptized for the remission of sin.  His baptism was from God, and his mission was to let the people know that the long awaited Messiah was already in their midst.  John told the people to repent and be baptized because the Kingdom is at hand.  And many people did repent and were baptized.

Moses was a type of “Christ” or deliverer in the Old Testament.  The baptism of Moses happened when the people of Israel passed through the Red Sea.  You can read about it in Exodus 14 and in I Corinthians 10.  Although the Israelites never got wet, the did pass through the waters, led by the cloud that God had sent to lead them.

There are several more types of baptism which I may combine into one post later on, but what I am leading toward is the three distinct types of baptism having to do with Christians in the New Testament all the way up to the present.  These three are Baptism into Christ, Water Baptism, and Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Acts 2:38 mentions these three baptisms -

“And Peter said to them,  ‘Repent and  be baptized every one of you  in the name of Jesus Christ  for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive  the gift of the Holy Spirit.’”

Over the next few days I will examine these baptisms and discuss what the bible says about each.  This is as far as I will go for now – my point in this was to introduce the topic - but do some digging on your own.  Pray that God would open your mind to what His Word says about these things.

What I have experienced in the very recent past, and am still experiencing, is real.  It’s not weird, doesn’t involve rolling on the floor or foaming at the mouth or even speaking in tongues.  Although I am open to the latter, it is not something that I have experienced.  What I do know is, everything in my life has changed, very recently.  I have hope where before there was none.  I have peace where before everything was just too hard.  I have joy where before all I could do was complain.  I have experienced this because I heard about it, saw it in other people’s lives, and decided to ask God for what I was missing.  It is just that simple – “Ask and you will receive.”