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NebulaThe first four words of the bible are the most important words ever written. They dispel virtually every thought of the worldly, scientific mindset our culture is enmeshed in. We depend on data. If there’s no input, there’s no progress – that’s one thing that’s never changed. What needs to change is the source of that input.

In the beginning God…But after that, we.

We tried to become our own source. The world we live in was created by the Word of God, but as masters over this creation, we have formed it in our image. God created the world and gave it over to mankind to rule, and then Adam made a choice to trust knowledge over the life-giving power of God. We’ve been trying to get God’s attention ever since.

In the beginning God created. Then with what He created, he formed some things as well. We were formed from dirt by God, then He breathed His Spirit into us. At that time, we were perfect, fully alive, 100% connected to Life. Our choice was to remain connected, or to not.

God placed man in the Garden – the first temple – the place where He dwelled with mankind. The Kingdom, heaven, was here. And at that time we walked the earth alongside God. At that time, we saw as He saw, we thought as He thought, we lived as He lived. Genesis 2 reveals that in the garden were many kinds of trees, and in the middle of the Garden there were two – the Tree of Life, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

God said they could eat from any tree except one. They could have apples, pears, bananas, kiwis, oranges, peaches. They could have life, too, if that’s what they wanted to eat from. It was all good.

In the middle of the garden were two trees and a choice to be made. They could eat from the forbidden tree or not eat from it.

Rather than call upon God, they chose on their own and did what they thought was right. And then, banished from that first place of worship, physically, spiritually and mentally, mankind has sought to find a way back to God on his own terms ever since.

We try to do good, thinking it matters, but we have forgotten that in the beginning God. We learn all there is to know, and by our observations try to understand even more, but we forget that in the beginning God. We make plans, formulate hypotheses, create, innovate, build, rebuild but in the beginning…God.

We deny what we are trying to do by striving. We say there is no God. We trust the scientific method, we try to unlock the mysteries of the heavens and die in that attempt never having found what is all around us, right in front of our eyes.

For this reason Jesus came to die. To break the cycle of mankind’s struggle to “get it” on our own – to solve the problem of the knowledge of good and evil. Remember, knowledge of good and evil are both fruit from the same tree, and neither bring life. Bob Hamp has said, “When the problem is knowledge, more, or better knowledge is simply like pouring gasoline on an already blazing fire.”

The more we know, the farther we are from God. Jesus came to give us life, to reconnect us to God, to make us citizens of the Kingdom. And if you’re His child, the Kingdom is here, and you are living in it right now.

You can walk with God, just like in the beginning. You can know Him. He can be your source. The cycle of striving for more can be broken. You eyes can be opened to what is all around you. You can see as Adam saw in the beginning.

We have proved, over and over again, that our desire is to know God, but the means to do so is beyond us. We can’t get to the Kingdom trusting our own way. We have to make a willful choice to not trust our will. We have to make a willful choice to lay down our will and enter the Kingdom of God.

In the beginning, God. It will end the same way. How you walk through the middle part is up to you.


Tonight my daughter, Trinity and I were at Home Depot.  We were walking in, and an older gentleman was walking out.  We noticed him, and he smiled at us, nodded his head.  We were almost inside when we heard a noise, and a muffled grunt.  I turned around and the man we just passed in the parking lot tripped and fell.  His purchases were scattered, he was rolling on the ground holding the left side of his head.

There was another person standing about 3 feet from him, talking on his phone.  This person saw the whole thing, was right next to the man on the ground.  He laughed, shook his head, and walked away.

Trinity and both looked at each other, and headed back out into the parking lot to where the man was still on the ground.  I took him by the hand and helped him up, Trinity picked his purchases up and put them back in the bag.  He had a scrape on his head and on the palm of his hand, but otherwise he was ok.  He told me his name, and said he must have tripped.  He was ok.  We talked for a minute, then he walked (steadily) to his car and drove away.

Now I’m sitting here both thankful and angry.  Thankful that I was there, that my daughter was there to see what happened and my response to the situation.  Angry that the other guy couldn’t get off his phone and take a minute to at least ask if the man was ok.

Thankful – that when I fall, and I fall often, that there are always people around that show me compassion, that love me regardless.  Angry that it seems to be the story of my life but thankful that God is big enough to redeem all my failures.

We all fall.  In fact, that’s our condition.  But, our God sent a redeemer out of his great love and he takes us each by the hand and pulls us to our feet – he makes us whole, he breathes life into us, and sends us on our way so we can do the same for others.

Falling is the story of my life, and the story of my life fell at my feet tonight.  Weird thing is, when I saw the guy on the ground, I didn’t think, I didn’t even react – I acted.  Maybe I think too much, and Lord knows I spend enough time just evaluating things to death, but in acting, whatever our actions are, we reveal our hearts.

Because of that truth, I’ll sleep well tonight.  I’m blessed to have been where I was, when I was tonight.  Yes, I make everything into a deep spiritual lesson, not just because that’s the way I’m wired – it’s because that’s the way it actually is.

When I fall, I know who will be there for me – my family, my friends, and above all my Savior.  And if you fall, I will try to be there for you – and even if I’m not there when you fall, you can call on Jesus.  He’s been there, too.  He’ll take you by the hand, pull you to your feet, dust you off and send you on your way, so that you can do the same for someone else.