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I was crazy when I was a kid.  I jumped off the tops of speeding cars, did flops off of goal posts (Not flips. Flips are successful, flops are when you try to do a flip and you end up breaking your rear end). I cut class a lot, spent most of my time just walking around the school. It’s a wonder they let me out at all, except I think some fine teachers were about to retire if they didn’t let me go.

Do you remember the crazy youthful fun you used to have back in the day?  Do you sit around sometimes with friends and reminisce about what it was like back in the day?  We long to go a little crazy sometimes – just like when we were kids.

If that is you, and I know it’s me, then you need to hear about God’s crazy love for you, and you need to realize that he wants to know people who can share that crazy kind of love with others.

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