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October 28, 2013 — Leave a comment

pic of meSelfies! You know what I’m talking about here – the pics are all over the ‘tubes. Grainy, low light, flecks of some unknown substance on the mirror. Partially clothed for the most part. Pics of you that you want the whole world to see!

Why this is a thing, I don’t know. Probably some kind of issue with vanity. I imagine we’ve all done it – hopefully most of us have not posted these self shot pics of ourselves¬†to the internet.

To those of you that have – my hat is off to you. I never would have imagined you, sir, in that pink tutu, bowler hat, and wolf howling at the full moon t-shirt.

Honestly – there may be something wrong with some people. I mean – if you see some of these pictures what could they have been thinking? That they look good? Someone got lied to!

Please – don’t let this happen to you! I’m not saying don’t snap that pic – just please – for the love of all that’s holy – keep it to yourself!

The thing is, we all check ourselves before going out – to make sure all the hairs are where they are supposed to be, or plucked from where they aren’t, to check if something is hanging out our nose, to make sure we didn’t miss a spot with the make-up. All normal. But how do we check ourselves mentally or spiritually?

How can a person gauge for themselves what they really look like – on the inside I mean? Under all the makeup, all the layers of clothing – all the masks we wear?

What kind of mirror can we look in to get an accurate picture of what is really going on inside?

A great place to start is the Word. As you study and read God’s Word, you will see His character – and you will have opportunity to see if that character is reflected in you – in how you act, how you live, how you think, what you say and do.¬†In fact, the Word says if a person hears the Word and doesn’t do what it says, it’s like looking in a mirror and then forgetting what you look like!

On the other hand, if you do what it says – if you accept that the way of Christ is the right and only way – then you will walk in freedom and be blessed in everything you do!

People tend to spend so much time looking at themselves because they see flaws – but what they want to see is a perfect reflection. Sin can distort how you see yourself, how you live your life, and how you see and treat others. But sin doesn’t have to be what you see in your spiritual reflection.

If you are in Christ – to the degree that He took sin onto Himself, that’s how righteous you are! There is no wrath, no anger of God waiting for you! You are righteous, pure, whole, sons and daughters of God! And if God sees you as His – if He can find no fault in you – how can you continue to find fault in yourself?

Pray right now – that you would see what God sees when He looks at you. He loves you more than you can know, He is proud of you! He wants to know you and He wants to bless you! You have to be willing to make the first move – and allow yourself to be seen by Him.


I am reading through Romans. Again. I have been in and out of that book for years, mostly trying to make sense of it. Be honest – if you read it, it will completely blow your mind.

The thing is, having been a “theology student” at seminary, I have hundreds of books – actually I have about 1800 books to be honest – and when I read the Bible, sometimes something will jump out at me and before the evening is over, I’ve moved from my chair to the table and most of my books are open to various pages covering the table, the chairs and the floor, and there are hastily scribbled notes on whatever paper I can find.

What kind of books do I use when I study the Bible? Concordances, dictionaries, commentaries, atlases. You name it, I have it and use it. And generally once a month or so, I go buy more.

Tonight though, I was blown away by one single verse, sitting here in the comfort of my living room, sitting in my comfortable chair. Everyone’s in bed, it’s quiet, and I was just reading the Bible. Just reading it…can you imagine?

Everyone knows Romans 3:23 – “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” We generally don’t stray beyond that verse, because it says everything we are trying to get across when the verse is in use – yes, you, me and everyone in the world that has lived and who ever will live is a sinner. But the next verse really stabbed me in the heart, and if I would have had all my books out, I would have missed it for sure.

Romans 3:24 – “They are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” This is a serious WOW moment that I really need in my life right now. Listen, if you’re reading this, by extension you are a living, breathing person and you need to know that you are a sinner. Just like me, just like everyone. But even more important than that, you need to know that regardless of what you have done and what you will do that God loves you and that there is a way past all that. What Romans 3:24 is saying is, God paid for your life. He traded His Son for you! And because of that gift, you have life!

I know all that, really I do. But I forget sometimes. I get busy with laundry and work and what’s for dinner and yes with all my good theology books. I forget the extent of my sinfulness, I forget the depth of God’s love, I forget the price that was paid, and I forget that I deserve nothing, and yet I have everything.

How to read the Bible – just get the thing out, dust it off, have a seat, open it up – the Word, your mind and your heart – and let God talk. He’ll change your perspective on everything. I forgot so much, but I have been reminded. I’m free! And you can be too!