The Zombie Apocalypse Is Upon Us

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zombieI’m sure by now everyone has heard of the “zombie” slayings occurring across the country. Some are attributed to drug use, some to just plain wacky behavior. What are we normal, non druggies/non wacky people to do at this point?

Two choices: We can welcome our new zombie overlords, or we can get the kids loaded up in the truck and head for the farm.

I bet between everyone reading this, we have enough combined firepower to start and end just about any conflict you can imagine – urban warfare, desert skirmish, jungle insurgency – you name it, we can do a double tap to the noggin.

Now, it’s not really zombies. Just messed up people. Not zombies. Not yet anyway. But be aware, it could come at any time, so we need to be ready, we need to have a plan. If it happens and we aren’t ready, things will get bad really, really fast for a lot of people.

How many of you are believing this? Show of hands? Anyone? Bueller?

No! There’s no zombie apocalypse, no zombie epidemic, no zombie virus or bacteria. Just really messed up people doing really messed up things. It’s a terribly twisted fairy tale.

Myself, I love post-apocalyptic literature. I have 100 zombie books, I’ve seen most of the movies, even played the video games. And, while they are very cool, it’s just fantasy, just great (or not so great) story-telling.

Thing is, most of us are already zombie-like, if not in appearance, then in attitude. Awww, don’t be offended, and don’t run off to look in the mirror to see if you have flesh hanging loose from your neck. You probably don’t.

What I mean is, there’s a lot of people out there just going through the motions – like a zombie – not really living life. We get up, get dressed, go do our work, come home, eat, watch the tv, go to bed. And we live like this day after day after day. We were meant for more!

Do you remember the first thing God said to Adam? Be fruitful and increase in number, fill the earth and subdue it, rule over everything (Gen 1:28). Is that what we are doing, the way we are living life right now? I may be just talking to myself here, but I fit more into the “sluggard” definition.

Yes, I work hard, yes I pay my tithe, yes I go to church on Sunday and sing the songs and hear the sermons. And when it’s over, I file out the door, get in the car, go to lunch, and have a Sunday afternoon nap just like everyone else.

It’s like I’m a zombie – not really alive, just going through the motions. If I bump into a wall, I turn and go the other way. Until I bump into something else.

A wonderful line from a beautiful song goes something like this, “I was made for more than this world could offer me.” In this world, we have to measure up, we have to meet out numbers, we have to perform or we aren’t good enough. It’s like that in any job, especially mine. They measure everything – about 77 different things – and if you are low in one thing, you’re busted for the whole year – no raise, no promotion. You have to be very, very good to do that. Now, if you aren’t meeting what they say is acceptable, you don’t get fired, you just don’t move ahead.

How many of you can identify with that? Well, at least it’s not like the Pharisees. It’s only 77 things, not 613 that you have to be perfect on.

What this leads to is feeling trapped, feeling useless, feeling worthless, feeling like you’re not good enough. What do I have to say about that?

Enough! It’s time for us to subdue the earth, be master of our destinies! I’m tired of corporate overlords telling me I’m not good enough! I’m sick of feeling trapped, of feeling like I’m sitting in the same old seat everyday and spinning my wheels getting nowhere! It’s time to rise up and claim my inheritance, and be who I was created to be!

I was made for more than this world can offer me, and so were you! What do we need to do? Step it up, blow them all away, step out from the ordinary, into extraordinary.

What I am not saying here is “just be proactive.” What a load of crap. You can no more change your own destiny than you can reach down and grab your feet and lift yourself off the ground. Not possible. You can’t change yourself – but you can have a life changing encounter with the one who can.

Have you ever seen a zombie movie? How does it all work? Well, there’s a zombie, someone gets bitten, and slowly, over a period of time, the person changes – they go from who they were to someone completely different. The turn into a zombie. What I’m talking about is the exact same except it’s the opposite.

I want to change from being a zombie into the person I was created and redeemed to be. It’s a process, just like anything else, but the first step is admitting I have a problem and the second is to give up. Give up trying to please the overlords, give up trying to please anybody – even myself. Give up on the American dream, give up on trying to get raises and promotions, give up on what I think this life is all about. I can’t figure it out because I’m too screwed up to think straight. I need to be transformed – by the renewing of my mind.

It’s all in your mind. A zombie virus infects people’s minds and makes them do things they would never do – like lie on a report, file false records, spread rumors, backstab a co-worker, and on and on I could go. This is what ordinary people do. We are not called to be ordinary!

God is inviting us into something so much greater than ordinary. Yes – we will still need to do laundry, mow the grass, meet deadlines, and do an excellent job. But if it’s not about us, if it’s about HIM, if the Holy Spirit is the one dwelling within us and empowering us in our day to day lives, it becomes so much less mundane, and so much more of an adventure!

Imagine becoming His, and trusting Him for everything in your life. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Ask and you shall receive. Do you pray about what your needs are, or do you worry, complain, worry more, then just give up? I’ve been complaining about student loans for 15 years – haven’t prayed about it once. I’m going to start. I’ve complained about and suffered from severe allergies for over 40 years – haven’t prayed about it one bit. I’ve been afraid of and for some things – afraid for my family and my future, afraid of cars breaking down or bad health. I’ve done it on my own and on my own I’ve messed up so many things. Time to do it different.

Time to step away and let God step in. How many of you would be willing to just simply stand before God, seeking him, asking him to meet your needs? That’s about all I have left. I can’t do this on my own anymore. I’m just a zombie, shambling through life, getting nowhere. I can’t do it anymore.

What about you? How much longer can you keep it up? Oh, I could go on, but knowing what I know now, I really can’t – God wants to bless me, he wants me to live out his dream for me, he wants to bless me – and I can’t do that without an intervention. I’m taking God up on his offer – and I’m expecting great things! I am his, and he is mine – I will trust him, I will follow him, I will allow him to be the best part of me. I will lay down my will, my expectations, my life – and let him heal me, fill me, live through me. Because I can’t do it anymore on my own.

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I love Jesus, my wife Cheryl, my girls Trinity and Zoey, Gateway Church, long walks in the rain and anything on Discovery.

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