Left Hand Monkey Wrench

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I was crazy when I was a kid.  I jumped off the tops of speeding cars, did flops off of goal posts (Not flips. Flips are successful, flops are when you try to do a flip and you end up breaking your rear end). I cut class a lot, spent most of my time just walking around the school. It’s a wonder they let me out at all, except I think some fine teachers were about to retire if they didn’t let me go.

Do you remember the crazy youthful fun you used to have back in the day?  Do you sit around sometimes with friends and reminisce about what it was like back in the day?  We long to go a little crazy sometimes – just like when we were kids.

If that is you, and I know it’s me, then you need to hear about God’s crazy love for you, and you need to realize that he wants to know people who can share that crazy kind of love with others.

You’re probably thinking, what’s with the title, “Left Hand Monkey Wrench” and the picture above?  Well, there’s a song by The Grateful Dead called “Greatest Story Every Told” and yes, it’s (loosely) based on the bible. One of the lines in the song is “left hand monkey wrench.”  As for the picture, that’s Jesus endorsing the Greatest Story Ever Told.  Not the song, or the movie.  The story of what he has done in your life.

The greatest story ever told is that Jesus loves me and He changed my life.  And it is totally left handed monkey wrench crazy.  Isn’t it crazy to love people who spend all their lives in rebellion? Isn’t it crazy to give a person another chance, have them blow it, and give them another chance anyway?

Isn’t it crazy that God knows us completely, and still chooses us? Aren’t you glad that God is crazy that way?

What do you feel deeply about? What are you willing to yell and scream about?  Sometimes we’re not passionate about Jesus because Jesus is not where our heart truly is. Where is your heart and why?

Let’s look at a person who did something crazy for Jesus. You can find the story in John 12:1-8. Jesus had one week left to live, and he stopped in the town of Bethany.  Jesus went to a party. He enjoyed the food, the conversation and the fellowship with friends. As Jesus was sitting there just sort of taking it easy, a woman emerged from the crowd. It was Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus.

Mary had a crazy passionate love for Jesus, and you never know what a crazy person might do. She had a very expensive jar filled with very expensive perfume, and she went over to Jesus, broke the jar and poured the perfume on Jesus’ head and feet. Immediately the whole house was filled with the scent.

Some of the people realized that Mary was crazy. Judas said, “This is crazy. Is this woman nuts? Why this waste of perfume? It could have been sold for a year’s wages and the money given to the poor.” They all ripped into her and dogged her something fierce.

Why did Mary give up a year’s worth of money to show her appreciation for Jesus? Because she was crazy.  She remembered how her brother Lazarus had died, and Jesus raised him from the dead. She remembered how she had been lost, but now she had a story to tell. A year’s salary was nothing compared to what she owed Jesus. She had a mad passion, a crazy kind of love for Jesus.  Mary had a vision of entering into as close a relationship with Jesus as she could. That’s where her passion was. She didn’t want to be normal any longer.

If we are going to turn this world upside down, we are going to have to go crazy.  Crazy mad passionately in love with God.  The fullness of Christ in our lives should spill over into the lives of others.  You can be so full of God that He is poking out all over the place—spilling over from you into the lives of others.

Can you handle that much God?  Do you have what it takes? No – but he does!  He threw a monkey wrench into the enemy’s plans, snatched you from death, gave you life, and now you need to live for him and tell you story.  It’s a cool story.  Tell it everywhere you go to everyone who will listen – and watch as his crazy love changes the world!

Rich Nifong

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I love Jesus, my wife Cheryl, my girls Trinity and Zoey, Gateway Church, long walks in the rain and anything on Discovery.

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