Hide and Seek

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People spend so much time seeking things. My wife spends more time in the mornings looking for her phone (in her pocket) or her keys (on the hook by the door) than she does actually getting ready for work.

My oldest daughter is headed the same direction. Every day – where’s my phone, where’s my pencil, where’s my house key?

Some people seek lost keys, lost kids, or that elusive first kiss (do they still have those?). People also seek better jobs, harmony in their relationships and the perfect key lime pie.

As for myself, my seeking is pretty much all whiny. Why am I here? What’s my purpose? Is this all there is? Why can’t I be an astronaut?

Notice that in general, people seek for things they can’t find, or can’t see. That’s the entire premise of the game hide and seek. One person looking for things/people that are hidden.

Part of the problem, and I hope you all have discovered this, or at least are on the way to discovering, is that most often, what you seek, you will find. Are you seeking to have more money, to have more stuff, to get ahead? It is possible to do each, but with each comes a sacrifice. What are you willing to give up to get more money? What is the cost in getting ahead? What does that even mean to you?

What is the solution? We have to get out of seek mode, and realize that we are what is lost. And we are so lost that we will never find our way. The path is dark, and we’re blindfolded to boot. It’s like that tour you can take at Carlsbad Caverns when they turn off the lights. But somehow even darker.

Don’t get depressed by this. Why? Because we are being sought after, and this is very good news to those who are lost – you can’t find yourself, you can’t find your way, but you can be found!

One of my favorite stories in the bible is just a short little parable Jesus told. Easy to remember, but some people miss what’s being taught. In Luke 15, there is a woman who has lost a coin. A very important coin. This one coin may have represented an entire days wages, or even more. Did she just say, “Eh, I’ve still got 9 more. No worries!” No – she did everything she could to find it. She flipped over the sofa cushions, looked behind the dresser, pried off base boards, went through that old purse in the bottom of the junk closet. She searched high and low for what was precious to her, and eventually she did find it – and she was so happy she had a party! With queso and pizza and everything!

Just like that lady who searched high and low and in and out and every which way for that coin – just that same way, God is searching for you!

Think about this – can a lost coin call out for help? Can a coin give any assistance to the person looking for it? No – it doesn’t even know it’s lost. It has no knowledge of lostness or that it is being looked for. And so it is for people. We are hopelessly lost and alone, and totally oblivious to this fact.

But then…then one day we are found! And once found, everything changes. We are found and given purpose, hope, a future. And all we really have to do is accept being found by the one who was searching. Not that God doesn’t know where you are – but in this case, being found is the precursor to repentance. Repentance is accepting the fact that you have been found, and once found, life will never be the same for you again – you will never be lost or alone ever again.

Isn’t that an awesome promise?  That the God of all the universe has time to seek for you, and once you are found, you are His from that day forward, forever.

What are you thinking or feeling right now? Have you been found, or are you still playing hide and seek with God? I am praying for you right now – that you will be found, that you will accept being found by God, that you will choose to follow Him.

Rich Nifong

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I love Jesus, my wife Cheryl, my girls Trinity and Zoey, Gateway Church, long walks in the rain and anything on Discovery.

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