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time tunnel

Ever since I was a little kid, watching Star Trek, I’ve wondered about time travel. I would lie out in the grass and look up at the sky and just think about how awesome it would be if the Starship Enterprise would come back in time and take me away to some future place, full of phasers, transporters, space ships and adventure. Not your typical small town country boy dreams.

As I grew older, the only class I tended to pay attention to in school was science. I asked my poor teachers the weirdest questions – how to build a laser, how fast rocket ships can travel, how fast light travels. I know now they were generalists and really didn’t know much outside of the actual coursework. Also, now I know I should have focused more on math.

Well, tonight I get my wish – I get to travel forward in time! One whole hour – Daylight Saving Time. Woohoo.

Every year around this time, and when time changes back to standard, there are 1000s of articles and blog posts written about the pros and cons. For instance, my wife hates it, I love it. For her, it’s harder to get the kids to bed because the sun sets later, and harder to get them up because it’s darker in the morning. For me it means I can be out in the yard pulling weeds later in the day.

Most people just hate the change, or any change, for that matter. They get used to the routine and anything that shakes that up a little tends to be disconcerting. And that’s ok. When I hear someone complaining about the time change, I usually end up saying something like, “Yeah, I wish they would change it 30 minutes one way or the other and just leave it.” Even thought I really don’t care one way or another.

One blogger has wondered what happens to all those TV shows that come on between 2 and 3 am – do they just disappear into some kind of vortex? How is that fair to those who stay up late for infomercials? I wonder how much people pay for advertising during a vanishing timeslot?

Also – what happens in those areas that do not participate in DST? Is there a vague sensation of something lost or gained? Do those people feel anything at all? Or do they just sleep the deep, satisfied sleep of those who are unaware of the mystical changes going on all around them?

Now, to be able to actually travel through time, there needs to be some kind of violation of physics. Physics as we know them anyway. There’s a universal speed limit, and to go beyond it might cause issues. Or it might not. We can talk about it all day but since it’s not (currently) possible, nobody really knows what would happen. It might blow up the universe or make us wealthy – like if we pull a Biff Tannen and use info from the future to affect our present. Not that I would do that. Ok. Yes. I would totally do that.

So – yes, It’s coming – there’s nothing we can do about it. Time will change. You’ll lose an hour. You’ll be sleepy and maybe grouchy. You’ll put up that picture of the 6 fingered man from Princess Bride saying, “I’ve just taken one hour of your life, tell me how do you feel” on Facebook.

My advise – take a long Sunday afternoon nap. Splash some cold water on your face. Get up and move! Embrace the change! Make the most of your shorter day by serving someone in need, by giving some love. Just enjoy life – look up and dream!

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I love Jesus, my wife Cheryl, my girls Trinity and Zoey, Gateway Church, long walks in the rain and anything on Discovery.

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