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I was never any good at the maths. And you can ask anybody, I never even cared. My last good math was in 3rd grade, because in 4th we started all the junk with the fractions and decimals and all that. So, I did what I had to do to pass, which was cheat. Yep. I’ll admit that I cheated my way through math.

In college, math was required. I got out of it. All I had to do to get out of one semester of math was take four semesters of Greek. Not a problem. I’m a language/word nerd.

Nowadays, I’m a claims adjuster. Guess what? I have to use all that math I never learned every three seconds. I still kinda stink at it, but at least I can soothe people when there’s no coverage for their homeowner claim.

Who made up all that math stuff? Pythagoras? Nope it was already being done by the Babylonians 2500 years before he was born. See, I love the history, too.

God made it up. He set the universe in motion, with the physical laws that apply. Things that he created have weight and volume and dimensions. It was God who made it, and we who have tried to figure it all out.

Believe it or not, I love physics. About 1/3 of my library is books on physics. I understand the concepts, the philosophical ramifications of some of it – example – the universe, on a massive scale, is pretty orderly, and we can observe motion and make predictions, but on the very small scale, all bets are off.

Quantum physics is pretty dark and twisty stuff. There are particles within particles and they really shouldn’t interact but they do. Sometimes a part will spin in a circle and be back to it’s original starting position, sometimes it will spin and spin and spin like 8 times before it’s back to it’s starting point.

There are weird names for stuff, too. Quarks, muons, gluons, and each one has different varieties. There are six different ”flavors” of quarks.  Light is both a wave and a particle. Weird, right?

So why I am boring you with all this? Do you see how big God is? And yet how small? What I mean is, there are things so big we can’t see them – we don’t know how far out the universe goes. Once we think we’ve seen all there is to see, they make a bigger telescope. 100′s of billions of galaxies in the observable universe. And how small can we go? We think we know, then we make a new particle accelerator and all bets are off again.

My thinking is, it just goes on and on and on in both directions. God made it and he sustains it all, both big and small. And he still has time to have a relationship with you!

Why did God do all of this? Because that’s who he is! He is loving, creative, powerful. When you mix those together, you get everything. And yet he is above it, outside of it all. He’s bigger than his creation.

But, since the time of Adam and Eve, it’s all been slightly off kilter. What’s the second law of thermodynamics? Anyone? Entropy increases. That means, what started off as perfect is all going to fall apart some day. It’s why your batteries die, why things wear out, why when you drop a glass onto the kitchen floor you’re still stepping on the pieces 2 weeks later. Disorder increases. Until it is acted upon by an outside force. That’s a new law I just made up. The law of redemption. Ok, I didn’t make it up. It’s always been there.

From Adam’s first sin, to whatever you just did that you thought, “Crap that was not the right thing to do,” God has been breaking all the rules so that you could be who he made you to be. He doesn’t owe you this, but out of his love, out of his creativity, out of his power, he made a way to save us. I say breaking the rules but I know there are rules we don’t know about and could never understand anyway.

Who thought it up that something had to give up it’s life and it’s blood to redeem us and save us? Is that crazy or what? What kinda math is that? That a blameless, spotless, sinless, innocent person had to give up his place in heaven and come here to this messed up planet and lay it all down for messed up people like us.

There was no other way. Just like the fundamental laws of the universe that apply to our physical existence, the spiritual law is that when the law is broken the penalty is death. But Jesus is big enough to take that all upon himself. He took our sentence of death and died once for all, and now the law that held us back has been fulfilled! We are no longer viewed by God as rule breakers and sinners. We are seen by God through the filter of the blood of Jesus.

And now, we are living in the kingdom, just like God intended. This world will still pass away, and everything physical and temporal along with it. These bodies that we call home will be shed in death. But we will live on! This is the best news I have ever heard – that the God of the universe loved me enough to die for me! Jesus lives, and because he lives, I know I will live with him forever!

Don’t even try to figure it all out – physics or God. Some things we just need to accept. Start by accepting Christ, and everything else will begin to make more sense.

Water Deep

May 19, 2012 — Leave a comment

That’s a close up picture of my yard.  I love my yard.  It’s full of the thickest, best grass ever – St. Augustine.  This grass is wonderful for a lot of reasons, but the biggest for me is, it generally does not produce seeds, and what little seeds are produced do not germinate.  In other words, I’m not allergic to it! The other big thing is, it’s very easy to care for.  Here’s my “yard regimen.”

Three times a year – fertilize – green bag in the summer, purple bag in early spring and late fall.  The purple bag has a herbicide in it that also acts as a pre-emergent.

October 31st and February 14th – pre-emerge.

March/July- Season long fire ant killer.  It lasts about 3 months or so with each treatment.

1st week in May, 1st week in August – Grub killer – it also kills just about everything else, except for rolly pollys for some reason…

Mow every week with a mulching mower – do not collect the clippings.  They add nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil.  Set the mower height as high as it will go.

Every week to 10 days – water deep.  I do this year round, even in the winter.

Yes, I do all that – religiously.  I don’t miss a step.  And my grass is green even in the hottest weather.  It lasts longer into the winter, and comes in earlier in the spring.

The most important step though is the watering.  I could skip any of the other steps, and in the past, for various reasons, I have.  I didn’t do any of my fall treatments one year because I shreaded my achilles tendon, and it was ok, because I made sure the grass was watered.

Now, I need to define what I mean by water deep, and also add that you should water in regular intervals.  Your yard needs about 1-1 1/2 inches of water a week.  More when it’s hot, less when it’s not. I have conditioned my grass to need only about 1″ of water every week.  That picture above was taken last July, right before I watered.  It had been over 100 degrees every day since I watered, about a week earlier.

When the grass is kept at the proper height, and it’s been conditioned properly, it can withstand a whole lot of abuse.  The reason is, when you stress the grass, when you spare it the constant, daily, shallow watering, it makes the roots grow deeper and deeper.  It makes them more reliant on what is already in the ground – what it is already connected to.  It makes it grow thick and deep – it is seeking the cooler, moist soil so that it can continue to grow and be healthy.

Deep growing thick grass is impenetrable and impervious.  Weeds can’t germinate in it because they are crowded out – the weed seeds have to touch the soil before they can grow.  Bugs can’t colonate in it either because they use all their resources just to get through 4 inches of grass and a nice healthy 1/2″ thatch layer.

It wasn’t like that in the beginning though.  It actually took me several growing seasons to get here.  It took diligence and hard work.  But it has paid off.  I have a great looking yard.

You know, the same principles apply to your Christian life.  You need to be cared for, tended to, fertilized, watered, and sometimes you even need to be mowed a bit.  I think though that just like the grass in my yard, you need a deep, thirst quenching drink of life giving water.  And you need it regularly.  Water is life.  Without it, you will die.

John 7:37 Jesus says, “If you’re thirsty, come to me and drink.”  Drink it all.  Try to drink him dry.  Drink deeply and be filled so that there’s no more thirst.  If you do, rivers of living water will flow from you!  If you take what the Son offers, you will not just be satisfied, but through him you will be a source of that same living, life giving water.  Jesus has given it to us to share with a world that is drowning in it’s own thirst.

Our job, job one, as a follower of Christ – be Christ to others.  Offer that living water freely.  Don’t hold back!  This world needs Christ and you have him – so give him away!  There are thirsty people all around you all day long.  Be a sprinkler system for Jesus.  Hose them down!  Teach them to drink deeply of what is offered to them, tend to them, fertilize them, and when needed, trim them up a bit.

This is how it was intended to be.  This is how the Good News is spread.  This is how the world is changed.  Water deep!