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(This is part 2 – you can read part 1 here)

Last time I was talking about how Jesus used the sermon on the mount to give the people an image in their minds of how things were during the Exodus, so let’s go back too – to the beginning of the nation of Israel.

By the time of Moses, Egypt was the superpower – everything great came from there – architecture, scholarship, technology – Egypt was the world leader in just about everything.  There was a famine which you can read about toward the end of Genesis. During the famine, all the money, livestock and land in and around Egypt was sold to Pharoah in exchange for the grain that Joseph had stored.  The people even told him that he had saved their lives, so they were glad to serve Egypt in exchange.  These people became Israel.

The first chapter of Exodus tells us that a different king came along, a king that didn’t like all these strange non-Egyptians and he feared their numbers.  So, under the new king, they went from being servants to being slaves.  This was the world that Moses was born into.

Pharaoh had it in his mind to kill all the children in Egypt, so the mother of Moses sent her son down the river to be raised by whoever found him.   And that happened to be none other than the daughter of Pharaoh himself.  Moses grew and became a man, a son of Pharaoh. Then one day, his heritage, which I’m sure was no secret anyway, came to the forefront.

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I love church!

But I have one problem, and here’s the deal.  I love being in church, but about 11 am every Sunday, man my stomach starts growling.  By 11:15 I can almost smell the tacos.  I can almost taste that ice cold Coke.  By 11:45 I lean over and ask my beautiful wife, “what’s for lunch?”  And she always gives me the same look.

I love church!  But Monday-Saturday, I eat at around 11:00.  One day a week I guess I just have to suffer.  I will buffet my body and be ready for the buffet later.

Seriously though, how many of you have been there?  Church is awesome, God is good, and you’re thinking about ribs on the grill and tall glass of lemonade?  Come on, fess up…I can’t be the only one.

9 out of 10 doctors agree that if you don’t eat you’re going to die.  God knows this because he made us this way!  But in every church I have been to, there’s always a sign that says, no food or drink allowed.  Man that’s a kick to the gut for a guy like me.  It’s almost a deal breaker.  I suffer through though and by 1:00 pm or so every Sunday I have had my fill of something.

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